The administration area of responsibility takes care of tasks connected with the Regional Council’s HR administration, finance, office and information services, archiving and the use of information technology.

Decision-making: The Regional Council of Central Ostrobothnia is a municipal consortium made up by 11 member municipalities. Its basic administrative principles are set out in the Local Government Act and in the framework agreement approved by the municipalities. It is one of the 19 regional councils in Finland, whose decision-making is based on municipal democracy. The highest decision-making body in the Regional Council of Central Ostrobothnia is the regional council, which is elected for the municipal electoral period. Summoned at least twice a year, it decides on the Regional Council’s financial plan and budget, approves the financial statements and annual report as well as appoints the members of the regional board.

The regional council also appoints the audit committee, whose duty is to assess how the operative goals set by the Regional Council have been achieved. The regional board is responsible for the Regional Council’s administration and finances. The regional board, which is summoned approximately once a month, controls and supervises the operation of the Regional Council of Central Ostrobothnia.


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