The success of Central Ostrobothnia is based on securing and further developing the preconditions of the competitive region, which is characterised by diverse growth. The regional council’s key mission and mindset in development efforts are reflected by the slogan ”A strong region in the middle of a growth zone”.

Central Ostrobothnia is strongly dependent on the sustained attractiveness of the whole region. The region’s sources of growth and vitality are its reforming, innovative and attractive competence, together with competitive, diverse and international business activities. The key driver is Kokkola, the centre of the region, and its large-scale industry as well as the prospering agriculture of the entire region.

The growth of the region is based on three key factors: competence, competitiveness and accessibility. The cross-cutting themes are the countryside, internationalisation and attractiveness, through which the goals of all the three key factors can be achieved.

The goal of interest representation in Central Ostrobothnia is to enhance the region’s success and competitiveness. The targets of influencing matters and representing interests include the state budget, legislation as well as the various programmes and plans of state administration. EU interests are represented through and with the assistance of the East and North Finland EU Office. The goal of interest representation in particular is to acquire financing for projects that strengthen the region’s competence and attractiveness as well as improve mobility from and within the region.

Achieving these goals often calls for years of broad cooperation. Advocacy work is done together with the municipalities of the region, companies, instructors, research institutes, government representatives and the MP’s of the electoral district.

The regional board of Central Ostrobothnia approved fifteen (15) interest representation goals for 2019-2020 on 10 December 2018. Broad, successful advocacy work has been done together with different actors in order to achieve the goals. The interest representation plan approved for 2020-2021 continues the strong dissemination of information to the most important national and regional decision-makers and actors in order to promote the region’s success. The interest representation work for 2020-2021 focuses especially on securing the output of Cohesion and Agriculture funding, promoting the availability of skilled labour in the public and private sector as well as implementing interest representation measures that improve the development and vitality of the municipalities.


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