Member municipalities


Mission statement and tasks of the Regional Council of Central Ostrobothnia

The municipal consortium acts as the development, interest representation, research and planning organisation for its member municipalities and inhabitants.

The duty of the municipal consortium is to:

1. represent the region’s interests and to promote its mental and material prosperity as well as sustainable development,

2. strengthen cooperation within the region and between municipalities and municipal consortia and to act as a regional cooperative body in developing the region and representing its interests,

3. take care of the duties assigned to regional development authorities in the Regional Development Act, i.e. to look after overall regional planning in its area of operation, prepare regional development programmes as well as combine regional development measures belonging to regional administrative authorities,

4. assist and serve municipalities in research, planning and development activities,

5. take care of preparing the regional land use plan and other duties related to regional planning, and to promote the implementation of the regional land use plan,

6. take care of other duties assigned to regional councils under legislation,

7. and look after the duties assigned to it by the member municipalities.

Member municipalities

The Regional Council of Central Ostrobothnia has official planning responsibility for interest representation, regional development and spatial planning within the region.

Its actual member municipalities are: Kannus, Kokkola, Halsua, Kaustinen, Lestijärvi, Perho, Toholampi and Veteli.

The Regional Council of Central Ostrobothnia also has interest representation responsibility in the areas of its sub-members Kruunupyy (Pietarsaari region), Reisjärvi (Nivala-Haapajärvi region) and Kinnula (Saarijärvi-Viitasaari region), and it takes account of and is in charge for its sub-members in regional development activities.


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Links to the municipalities’ websites:

Halsua, Kannus, Kaustinen, Kokkola, Lestijärvi, Perho, Toholampi, Veteli, Kinnula, Kruunupyy, Reisjärvi


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