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Central Ostrobothnia’s nature, unspoilt environment and the sea offer excellent opportunities for leading a high-quality life. Central Ostrobothnia is renowned for its clean food, broad cultural landscape and typical natural features that allow for a variety of recreational activities.

Charming villages and urban areas with versatile services offer their inhabitants the possibility to lead a good and safe life, supported by smooth services.

In the past, tar burning, trade and ship building brought prosperity and expertise to the region, and an opportunity to interact with the other Nordic countries and Europe. Today, Central Ostrobothnia’s success relies on excellent connections within and from the region, enabled by effective ports, the airport and three main roads, high-quality data connections as well as the network of sub-regions.

Central Ostrobothnia is a place for growth. It is a region of opportunities for high process technology, logistics, the electronics and precision mechanics industry as well as high-quality agriculture.

The 11 municipalities of the region have skilled workforce and excellent capabilities to training professionals for companies’ needs.

Genius Loci - spirit of historical Central Ostrobothnia

The cultural heritage content available on the Genius Loci website offers everyone the possibility to look for interesting, exciting destinations for adventures and travel in historical Central Ostrobothnia. The local spirit is enriched by historical facts, legends and stories. Whether you are travelling virtually or in person: Click here to enter the website!


eVILJO is a register for associations and communities to support civic activities and cooperation. eVILJO strengthens the visibility, communications and networking of different actors.

By maintaining your information in eVILJO and showing it in public, you will receive a free business card view, a home page and an events calendar.

You can update your register details anytime with your own eVILJO ID.

eViljo: a venue for the region’s associations and communities, association register



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